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Bonne Nuit to Greve De Lecq209 views
St Catherines to Greve de lecq125 views
St Catherines to Greve de lecq134 viewsThis was one of the first paddles of the Symposium and was a day trip about 11 miles exploring the rocks,runs and caves on the way.We later did the same trip in Half a day with less stops.
Bonne Nuit to Greve De Lecq142 views
Wolf Caves -The Big One194 viewsThe Big Cave seen from the Outside.
Greve de lecq to St Catherines140 viewsA reverse journey from Greve - Here we are on the beach having our safety brief.
St Catherines to Greve de lecq144 views
Bonne Nuit to Greve De Lecq140 views
Bonne Nuit to Greve De Lecq123 views
Russ at Sea139 viewsMyself and Beth took our Dagger Charlestons to Jersey for there Sea Trials, although they were as sleek thro the water as the True sea Kayaks they were very stable in the swells and Chop and we did very well too keep up with them.
Steve at Sea142 views
5 Star Tour Guide185 viewsKevin Mansell senior 5 Star coach( centre Picture) from the Jersey Canoe Club giving us a guided tour of the Island.
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