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Dan at Sea137 viewsThis man can turn an ordinary block of wood into a Propulsion device or " Inuit Paddle" as its known ......and a damn good job he made of it too!!! even tho the floor of his flat now looks like the inside of a hampsters cage.
Bonne Nuit to Greve De Lecq197 viewsA little more Chop this trip - I made this trip 3 times while i was there mainly due to the wind conditions.
Wolf Caves254 viewsMany of our trips set off from St Catherines and headed North due to the unusual North Westerlys.
Between St Catherines And Greve de Lecq there were many caves to explore in the High cliffs.Here is Steve before he went for a look.
Wolf Caves- The Big One672 viewsThis was one of the largest caves we entered the tide was good so in we went - back paddling was the safest way ,the cave went back a good 20 meteres.
I lost my brand new Sea specs in there ! too dark to see then float....however within 5 mins of leaving an eagle-eyed French man came out waving them around and i had a new "Best friend".
Grève de Lecq-Cliff Jumping291 viewsTo Finish the Day Paddle between Bonne Nuit and Greve de Lecq some cliff jumping was arranged for the braver paddlers.
Grève de Lecq Barbecue216 viewsThe Jersey canoe club organised a barbecue in the grounds of a Fort overlooking the bay.
Sunset over Grève de Lecq158 viewsThe most accessible and most popular of the north coast beaches. The beach faces north and the high surrounding cliffs mean that it loses the sun in late afternoon. It is pleasantly sheltered except from northerly winds, which are rare in summer.
Corbiere light house252 viewsThe coast of Jersey’s south western corner is rather rugged and can be extremely dangerous for shipping, although it wasn’t until 1874 that Corbière lighthouse was first lit. The lighthouse was the first in the British Isles to be built of reinforced concrete and its light is visible for 18 miles.During the earlier storms at the beginning of the year waves actually broke over the lighthouse which is approx 25 metres .
We were extremely lucky to be able to paddle round the lighthouse on a calm day.
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