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Last additions - Thames trip Barnes to Wapping - June
IMGP5301126 viewsAug 18, 2008
IMGP5302130 viewsLone Paddler and Daunting skyline- Could of been anywhere in the world !Aug 18, 2008
IMGP5298122 viewsAs close to Parliament as we could get- We could have been "The rivers Access protest"... But we went un-noticed. Aug 18, 2008
IMGP5295112 viewsUnforgettable landmark- We had to deal with a few waves generated from the many pleasure boats hence the water on the cam.Aug 18, 2008
IMGP5286123 viewsGetting back on the waterAug 18, 2008
IMGP5288119 viewsHeading homeAug 18, 2008
IMGP5285126 viewsAug 18, 2008
IMGP5283132 viewsWhat else do you do after Sunday lunch- as You can see by the water time ran out quickly !!Aug 18, 2008
IMGP5281122 viewsAug 18, 2008
IMGP5282133 viewsKayak Park at the Pub- This was taken after lunch when the tide was coming back in-Originally there were at least 3 boat lenghts to the waters edge when we landed- We just got back in time!! Aug 18, 2008
IMGP5276130 viewsDan - Determined to go thro the central span.Aug 18, 2008
IMGP5273131 viewsWe just missed Tower Bridge opening up close! Aug 18, 2008
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