The current weekly schedule with useful information is shown below. On spring tides the flow of the river is liable to be stronger, leading to more challenging conditions.

Tuesday DateTideSpring/NeapSunset
28 May 2024HW 18:4421:03
21 May Neap
4 June 2024LW 21:51 21:11
7 June Spring
11 June 2024HW 18:4421:17
15 June Neap
18 June 2024LW 20:3421:20
23 June Spring
25 June 2024HW 17:5821:21
30 June Neap
2nd July 2024
7 July Spring
9th July 2024HW 17:5021:16
15 July Neap
16th July 2024LW 17:5221:10
22 July Spring
23rd July 2024HW 17:04
31st July Neap
30th JulyLW 18:23

Duties of 1 i C:

  • Bring session sheet and membership sheets
  • Take names of paddlers (& write on session sheet) – checking everyone can swim
  • Supervise distribution of boats, paddles buoyancy aids and spraydecks
  • Bring throwlines to attach to boat of any novices
  • Give safety briefing before everyone launches
  • Coach any inexperienced paddlers (unless stated otherwise above)
  • Respond if anyone gets into difficulties on the water
  • Supervise storing of boats/paddles/buoyancy aids
  • Tell people how to pay for session or join club
  • Collect any cash taken & pass/send it to Naomi Russell (Treasurer) afterwards

PLA Fluvial Flow Flag

MAABC tide page