Medway Estuary Trip – 1st August 2021

We (Rob, Naomi, sarah, jeremy, Dave, stephen and dan) paddled from gillingham to  Queenborough and back.  We launched from commodores hard and used the slip at Queenborough.  Highlights were seeing the WWI U-boat, a nice selection of sea birds (terms, oyster catchers, egrets etc.), a seal, walking the plank to view a fort, a tornado (luckily in the distance) followed by a double rainbow, a decent pint, live music at the ‘old house at home’ and a traditional Thames barge.  Even the mud provided some entertainment.  It was a long paddle of over 30km, but luckily there was some tidal assistance.  Our thanks go to Rob and Naomi for organising so splendidly.

Some photos can be found here